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We can repair, replace or upgrade your radon fan.

A Best Radon System performs radon fan service on all radon systems, even on systems we did not install. Most of the companies who installed radon systems in Central New York are no longer in business or do not provide warranty or service work on their radon fans and systems. Unfortunately, in most cases, radon fan warranties are only honored between the manufacturer and the installation contractor. All radon fans we sell and install have a minimum 5 year factory replacement warranty. If our radon fan fails or starts making loud noise within 5 years, just call us and you will get a new fan.


If you are not sure your radon fan is working properly you can schedule a radon fan checkup. A radon fan is the most likely component in a radon mitigation system to fail. Typical radon fans have a 5 year factory warranty and an average service life of about 11 years. I've seen radon fans fail within a couple of months and a some that operate well over 20 years.

Our radon fan service includes a thorough examination of your radon fan and some of the other radon system components. We examine the operation of the radon fan motor to ensure it is running. We check that the bearings are working smoothly and quietly. We check that the fan is properly connected and has good air flow. We inspect your manometer or pressure gauge and based on how it reads, we can usually determine if the fan was properly sized for your home.

You'll receive an assessment of the radon fans performance, including the manufacture date, a good bill of health and estimated remaining service life; Or if there is a recommendation for replacement or upgrade we will give you the options available.



Your radon fan in most cases needs replacement if it fails or stops working. A louder than normal radon fan usually indicates the radon fan is beginning to fail. The radon fan is the heart of a radon mitigation system. When the radon fan stops, the radon is not longer being removed, the whole system stops working. 

If your radon fan stops working, check that there is power supply to the fan. There may by a switch that got turned off, or the circuit breaker for the fan may have tripped. Several times I found that a GFCI outlet on the same circuit had tripped and when it was reset the fan started working again.

For two decades I've worked on a multitude of radon fans manufactured by many companies. In my opinion, AMG Radon Fans, made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA are among, if not the finest radon fan available. I use AMG radon fans almost exclusively due to their high quality and excellent warranty service, which is rarely needed unlike many of their competitors. 

There are many companies that manufacture over 100 different radon fans made for all types of applications. Radon fans come in a multitude of sizes of motors and housings and price ranges and quality.  High quality radon fans last longer, run quieter, have less vibration and use less energy. 

Radon Fan Replacement
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